• Description

    Xibion ​​offers the only treatment with a duration of 30 days which you can start to reduce cellulite, flaccidity in addition to losing weight and an immediate definition in a few days, due to our new formulas and new advances in active principles of last generation. These changes are very simple. We combine Xibion ​​Day and Night with COLLAGEN & BCAA, creating a strong diuretic and oxidant effect of fat cells, which destroys cellulite nodules and reaffirms the skin. Also this program will help to show a ripped abdomen since the main active ingredients immediately destroy fats and cellulite in the abdominal area. Includes a nutritional guide that will give you knowledge to change your eating style in a healthier way and with little exercise you can say goodbye to cellulite. And the most important is you can get it to never come back again.

  • Benefits

    Helps to accelerate metabolism.
    Helps to eliminate localized fat.
    Helps as a diuretic (Decreases fluid retention).
    Helps suppress appetite.
    It works as an antioxidant, transforming fat into energy.
    Controls anxiety, minimizing the chances of unhealthy food intake.
    It is ideal for hypertensive patients.
    Helps to lose 95% of flaccidity.
    Eliminates cellulite.
    Prevents and eliminates stretch marks and varicose veins.
    Reduces fluid retention.
    No side effects or rebound.

  • Instructions

    Step 1
    Take 2 Power Day capsules upon awakening.
    Step 2
    Take a service from Collagen & Bcaa 10 minutes Before training.
    Step 3
    Take 2 Power Night capsules at 6:00 p.m.