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We are the most requested brand in 2020 for our BumbumUP star plan.

What’s it about?

Xibion America is a lead Corporation in the US with more tan a million products sold in 2020, and with the greatest expansion in recent years. For that matter we are opening the process to be part of this big brand for the US, Centro America, South America and Europe.

XIBION Business Model

This business model can be applied in premises with privileged spots, Kiosks in the center commercial. Where it can be started as store and then it can become a service headquarters. A XIBION NUTRITION store is a type of establishment commercial, physical or virtual, where the buyer can purchase both products and services: body measurements, consultancies, guides nutritional and even workshops for distributors and wholesalers.

The word XIBION NUTRITION implies an establishment with direct attention from a seller XIBION; it also presupposes the existence of a counter and a (SHOW ROOM) showroom or, abbreviated, exposure to a space in which the manufacturer exposes his novelties to the buyers.

What else do I need to know?

Our need is to be in all countries to reduce shipping times and costs from the USA. We can carry out the management of shipments to the whole world, go ahead and be part of this great family.

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XIBION offers the opportunity to begin your own business, being on independent dealer of our products and nutritional cátalo. Experience XBION and increase your financing

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