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What’s it about?

Xibion America is a lead Corporation in the US with more tan a million products sold in 2018, and a main development over the years. For that matter we are opening the process to be part of this big brand, anywhere around the world.

Franchise Oportunities

All franchises can have an unlimited quantity of dealers, offering fees and comissions for loyalty.

What else do I need to know?

The estructure of products transportation or Xibion distribution, develops because of the need to carry the products and services that Xibion offers since its main office (XIBION USA) up to different countries and cities. Products can be ship either by air, ocean or being subject on your country opportunities near to the US.

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Increase your profit with this business opportunity.

XIBION offers the opportunity to begin your own business, being on independent dealer of our products and nutritional cátalo. Experience XBION and increase your financing

$200 k+

USD$ a month

$20 k+

USD$ profit

Investment Information

Being a dealer of our products has many benefits, you will receive training and groundwork, on line coaching, and invitation to international meeting and conferences.

Beginners 2500/5000 USD Intermediates

  • 1. Manage and Support from XIBION on your own Social Media
  • 2. Printed brochures, booklets, catologs, business cards, id’s, etc.
  • 3. Share publicity around XIBION: Billboards, Posters, etc.
  • 4. You are all in every event XIBION is part of.
  • 5. Celebrity advertising.
  • 6. POP gear and supplies.
  • 7. Costumer portfolio.

  • Exclusive Platinum

    $10.000 USD

  • 8. Social Media Post of your contact information.
  • 9. Exclusive Events organization.
  • 10. Costumer Portfolio.
  • 11. Potentiality of running your own company.
  • 12. All Access to Smart system.
  • 13. Executives chief and instructors visits to do trainings and coaching.
  • 14. Start virtual servers and websites.
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