Buttocks Increase

  • Description

    This plan is for thin people who are interested in developing muscle mass. The stimulator of EMS technology (Electrical Muscle Stimulation) can help you tone, tighten and firm your hips and buttocks something that you have always wanted. With U-shaped pad to fit perfectly to the buttocks. Self-training at home, in the gym and at the office. The ergonomic design of the pad allows great adhesion. Electrical stimulation of the buttocks muscles

  • Benefits

    It increases muscle mass, while stimulating fat loss.
    It regenerates muscles more quickly after a day of training.
    It decreases cortisol levels during training.
    It speeds up the metabolism.
    It controls the appetite and improve your body appearance, looking healthier.
    It helps concentration and focus during the exercises, thanks to its active principles.
    It improve the body's resistance when performing demanding and long-lasting workouts.
    It achieves higher levels of energy by the release of hormones.
    It purifies or reduces fat.
    It contributes to the development of muscle mass in the buttocks and legs, as well as to increase resistance and strength. SPECIFICATIONS: 1. Item type: HIP TRAINER hip/ buttocks trainer 2. 6 modes of use (A-F) 3. Frequency: 1-100 Hz 4. Material: PU 5. Color: Black and orange 6. Power supply by: AAA battery (not included) 7. Dimensions: application 260 * 188 * 12.8mm 8. Certificate: CE/EMC, ROHS

  • Instructions

    Step 1
    Take 1 capsule of power max 6 10 min. Before training and 1 capsule at noon.
    Step 2
    take one scoop 10 minutes before training
    Step 3
    Perform your exercise routine and rest 1 minute between sets.
    Step 4
    Take a whey protein service. we recommend adding oatmeal.
    Step 5
    Feed yourself 40-60 min. After the exercise routine.
    Step 6
    Rest for at least 8 hours so muscles repair and grow. INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE: - Insert 2 AAA batteries (not included) into the electro-stimulator core. - Mount the core on the training band, fitting the clips. - Place the band on the dry body in the area to be stimulated - Turn on the nucleus with the ON/INC button, then choose the push mode with the PROGRAM button, press the ON/INC button again to start the electro-stimulation. - Once the electro stimulation is started, you can increase the intensity with the ON/INC button and reduce it with the OFF/DEC button. - After 12 minutes the core will automatically turn off, if you want to turn it off before, press and hold the OFF/DEC button.

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