Xibion Challenge

  • Description

    Xibion introduces the most complete treatment of our product range, for people who seek out to take their training and results to another level with the combination of burners, thermogenic, isolate protein and our essential amino acids chain. This 45 days challenge ensures the reduction of adipose tissue and maximizes building and retention of lean muscle mass in a short period, providing all the advice and monitoring while in the use of the plan.

  • Benefits

    Main objectives •
    It accelerates metabolism. •
    It regenerates muscle mass. •
    It increases muscle mass. •
    It reduces muscle wasting, which is generated after training. •
    It accelerates recovery. •
    It produces satiety and reduces appetite. •
    It minimizes the body's ability to store fat •
    It promotes increase in diet-induced thermogenesis, controls appetite and helps you have a healthy body appearance. •
    It contains active compounds that can help improve concentration in training. •
    It improves the body's resistance to strenuous exercise. •
    It promotes the release of hormones, and can contribute in reaching higher levels of energy, awareness and mental alertness. •
    It helps eliminate fluid retention. •
    It promotes decreased muscle fatigue and increase muscle mass to achieve maximum levels of working capacity. •
    It allows you to train harder for longer periods of time. •
    It improves mental functioning during periods of stress. •
    It increases testosterone levels after training.

  • Instructions

    It includes •
    Whey Protein Isolate •
    BCAA + collagen •
    Power Max 6 •
    1 Fat Burner (day ) 60cap •
    1 Fat remover (night) 60cap •
    Nutritional Guide •
    Exercises guide •
    Two months counseling