Buttocks Increase

PROMO template
  • Description

    This plan is for people who want to produce or increase muscle mass without worrying about excess fat.

  • Benefits

    It improves the production of collagen, which will rejuvenate your skin and give it more elasticity.
    Great source of energy.
    Rapid reconstruction of the muscles after doing exercises.
    It regulates blood sugar.
    It allows mental clarity and reduceS stress levels.
    It minimize the body's ability to store fat.
    It prevents fluid retention.
    It increases the metabolism.

  • Instructions

    Step 1
    Take 1 capsule of Power Max 6 10 min. Before training and 1 capsule at noon.
    Step 2
    Take a service from Collagen & Bcaa 10 min. Before training.
    Step 3
    Do your exercise routine and rest 1 minute between sets.
    Step 4
    Eat after the exercise routine.
    Step 5
    Rest for at least 8 hours so muscles.