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  • Description

    Xibion presents its Whey Hydrolyzed Chocolate Protein, the most advanced protein formula with the faster absorption in the market. It is made with isolated serum protein, which has been hydrolyzed (fractionated), for an amazingly rapid absorption. The idea of Xibion is to provide a protein without fats and low in carbohydrates, achieving with it, an ideal protein for processes of definition and muscle growth. In addition, this state-of-the-art hydrolyzed protein contains no gluten or lactose. Xibion Whey Hydrolyzed Chocolate Protein is composed of isolated whey that is obtained with a filtration technique by semipermeable membranes that achieve a very pure and nutritionally superior product to other proteins, known as cross-flow micro filtration. These proteins are hydrolyzed, which improves their absorption and digestion, and allows muscle recovery to begin very quickly. By hydrolyzing the protein we have managed to create the fastest-acting serum protein known to date. Hydrolyze means breaking the larger proteins into small pieces, capable of quickly entering your system, allowing your muscles to begin to rebuild quickly. Hydrolyzed Protein is the fastest source that exists in absorption speed.

  • Benefits

    - It provides 26g of ultra pure protein and more than 5.3g of BCAA in each dose. -It increases your muscle mass. -It is the fastest absorbing protein in the market. -It has a large amount of branched chain amino acids (the famous BCAA), which promotes the development of muscle mass. -It does not contain sugar, gluten or lactose. -It increases strength levels. It accelerates the metabolism. -It helps to control appetite. -It regenerates muscle mass in record time. -It reduces muscle wasting that is generated after training. -It accelerates muscle recovery. -It produces satiety and reduces appetite. -It is perfect to remove hunger. -It complements low protein diets and is ideal for vegetarians. -It helps the immune system, protects and strengthens it. -It helps in the loss of fatty tissue due to its high content of proteins of high biological value. -It improves serotonin levels, helping you to fight stress.

  • Instructions

    Take 1 measure of Xibion Whey Protein after training.

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