Xibion America is a leading corporation in the US with more than one million products sold in 2018 and of greater expansion in recent years. That is why Xibion opened the exclusive distribution for the US, Central America, South America and Europe.

The WHOLESALER and DISTRIBUTOR acts under the policies of the exclusive distribution of the city or the country, benefiting from the experience and image of the XIBION brand where, moreover to this motivation, the following benefits are added to our COMMERCIAL ALLIES:
  • • To be able to start up a company with little capital.

    • To reduce risk and uncertainty, since it is a successful project worldwide.

    • To benefit from a better purchasing power with the suppliers of the XIBION chain.

    • To receive training and ongoing assistance provided by XIBION.

    • To have access to the best doctors, nutritionists, obesologists, thanks to the XIBION health services center.

    • To benefit from constant research and development of new products and services.

    • To be able to create your own business as an independent, belonging to a large organization.

    • To have access to the Intelligent System (XIBION software) that has characteristics and behavior similar to that of human intelligence, increasing the financial performance of the WHOLESALE AND DISTRIBUTORS, eliminating human errors and waiting times, adapting to any financial market and global variable.

  • • Service Center: Our clients can be evaluated and obtain BODY measurements, medical and nutritional advice to be sent to our product store, and obtain a professional and personalized experience according to their requirements.

    • Exclusive rights for PLAN LIDER BUMBUM UP (buttock augmentation).

    • Intelligent system (software). It is a computer program that has characteristics and behavior similar to that of human intelligence that increases financial performance, eliminates human errors and waiting times.

    • Website

    • Exploitation rights and use of the brand.

    • Exclusivity of geographical area.

    • Client Portfolio: Xibion will redirect existing or new clients, as well as potential clients for distribution and wholesale purchase (drugstores, pharmacies, aesthetics, supplementation stores, gyms, etc.).

    • Factory Costs: The costs you will get will be the same as those of a manufacturer.

    • Brand manuals and styles.

    • Commercial strategy and business model.

    • Post-opening Technical Assistance.

    • Corporate Advertising and Marketing campaign.

    • Constant capacitation in the area of development and innovation.

    • Exclusive equipment of the Xibion brand.

    • Smart Location (support in local search as GOOGLE ADWORD).

    • Business coach. (Supervision, follow-up and support in pre-opening).

    • Training. (Training in the premises before the opening).

    • Live Events (artists, models, influencer and brand publicity).

    • Competence to sell internal representations on your territory to other interested distributors.

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