• Description

    Xibion helps you take your workouts and fat loss to another level with the combination of our Power Max 6 thermogenic and our Power Day and Power Night burners. It offers the only treatment with a duration of 30 days that will help you lose from 9 to 10 kilograms, without rebound effects or invasive surgeries. To strengthen your muscles and shape your body in an easy and practical way, you must adjust the pads to your body and activate the operation. Using it every day you will have a toned and defined body.

  • Benefits

    It minimizes the body’s ability to store fat. It encourages the maintenance of a controlled level of appetite. It promotes the increase of thermogenesis induced by diet. It controls the appetite and helps to have a healthy body appearance. It contains active compounds that can help the improvement of concentration. It promotes mental energy, resistance and focus, while reducing the level of stress. It improves the body’s resistance in long workouts. It promotes the release of hormones and can contribute to higher levels of energy, consciousness and mental alertness. It increases the secretion of excess water. It favors the decrease of muscular fatigue and the increase of the muscular mass, to reach the maximum levels of capacity of work. It develops muscle growth and fast repair. Favors cell metabolism and energy production, and helps the production of fatty acids. It helps to control anxiety. It is ideal for hypertensive patients. It helps to lose 95% of flaccidity. It eliminates cellulite. It prevents and eliminates stretch marks and varicose veins. Reduces fluid retention. Tone up. It has no side effects or rebound. characteristics: Easy and useful to shape the body. Made of superior material, without toxic components for your body. Helps to tone, define and strengthen muscles in an easy way. Very easy to use, just place the pads in the area and let your muscles exercise. It has 6 optional modes of strength adjustment to help burn fat and muscle growth. Super light, easy to put on and convenient to take anywhere. With 8 packages of abdominal model design that is better for you to exercise. It automatically turns off after 12 minutes if you forget to do so.

  • Instructions

    Step 1 Take 2 capsules of Xibion Power Day upon awakening. Step 2 Take 1 capsule of Power Max 6 10 min. before any physical activity. Step 3 Perform any physical activity 40 to 45 min. Step 4 Take 1 capsule of Power Max 6 at 12 noon. Step 5 Take 2 capsules of Xibion Power night at 6:00 p.m. Step 6 It is recommended to take 3 liters of water a day to help the fat loss process.