Xibion Challenge

  • Description

    The Xibion Challenge is a plan born from the combination of all our products to take your training to another level and get results in a short time. If you follow the indications for consumption, food and exercise you will see progress in 30 days in the loss of weight and fat, increase in muscle mass, toning, definition and other benefits for your health in a natural way without rebound or secondary effects. Muscles require more than activity to grow. Without proper nutrition and rest, the body could never repair damaged muscle fibers. XIBION protein in our day to day preserves muscle mass, providing the blocks that form the new tissue, in the form of amino acids, since XIBION being a hydrolyzed and isolated protein has a greater absorption margin, achieving a muscle recovery in less time than other proteins because it contains branched amino acids BCAA, from the English Branched Chain Amino Acids. Branched amino acids constitute a synergistic mixture of the three main amino acids: Leucine, Isoleucine and Valine. Combined in an effective 2: 1: 1 ratio, these powdered BCAAs offer a wide variety of benefits. It is indicated for bodybuilders and strength athletes who want to strengthen the muscles and improve the recovery time of the exercise, even for long distance or middle distance runners who want to avoid muscle catabolism, going through normal people who want to avoid muscle atrophy or the increase in muscle mass. Combined, the XIBION protein and these amino acids comprise more than 73% of the protein within the muscle, which leads to increased muscle mass.

  • Benefits

    It increase muscle mass while stimulating fat loss.
    It regenerates muscles more quickly after a workout, which prevents them from wearing down.
    It decreases cortisol levels during training.
    It accelerates metabolism
    It reduces appetite and also produces a feeling of fullness.
    It controls the appetite and improves the appearance of the body, making you healthier.
    it controls anxiety.
    It minimizes the body's ability to store fat.
    It prevents fluid retention
    It helps concentration and concentration during exercises, because its active ingredients.
    It improves the resistance of the body by performing long and demanding workouts.
    It reaches higher levels of energy by releasing hormones.
    It cleans or lowers fat
    It increases testosterone levels, which contributes to the development of muscle mass, as well as to increase strength and strength.
    It works as an antioxidant, transforming fat into energy.
    It promotes the release of the hormone to achieve high levels of energy.
    It helps to lose 95% of flaccidity
    It eliminates cellulite, varicose veins and stretch marks.

  • Instructions

    Step 1
    Take 2 capsules of Xibion Power DAY upon waking.
    Step 2
    Take 1 capsules of Power Max 6 and one scoop de collagen bcaa, 10 minutes before training.
    Step 3
    Do your exercise routine.
    Step 4
    Take 1 measure of Xibion Whey Protein after training.
    Step 5
    Take 2 capsules of Xibion Power NIGHT at 6:00 p.m.