Buttocks Increase

  • Description

    Xibion offers the first treatment that helps muscle growth and development in localized areas, through the combination of supplements of diverse products, offered by our newest line of last generation. We also provide monitoring and counseling from our world wide experts and our guide of routine of stimuli in localized areas We combine PROTEIN WHEY ISOLATE, BCAA & COLLAGEN and POWER MAX to maximize effectiveness, since together, they work to improve muscle growth and strength by altering the levels of anabolic and catabolic hormones. Insulin is a BCAA increase anabolic hormone. This is mainly due to the Leucine and leads to a further improvement of the synthesis of muscle proteins and increasement of the levels of the growth hormone. An additional advantage (although from another direction) is that it also lowers the cortisol levels, the catabolic hormone, particularly during exercise. Reducing cortisol levels works to increase muscle growth and increase in strength, since cortisol normally increases muscle breakdown and inhibits testosterone anabolic actions

  • Benefits

    It increases muscle mass, while stimulating fat loss.
    It regenerates muscles more quickly after a day of training.
    It decreases cortisol levels during training.
    It speeds up the metabolism.
    It controls the appetite and improve your body appearance, looking healthier.
    It helps concentration and focus during the exercises, thanks to its active principles.
    It improve the body's resistance when performing demanding and long-lasting workouts.
    It achieves higher levels of energy by the release of hormones.
    It purifies or reduces fat.
    It contributes to the development of muscle mass in the buttocks and legs, as well as to increase resistance and strength.

  • Instructions

    Step 1
    Take 1 capsule of power max 6 10 min. Before training and 1 capsule at noon.
    Step 2
    Take a service from Collagen & Bcaa 10 min. before training.
    Step 3
    Perform your exercise routine and rest 1 minute between sets.
    Step 4
    Take a whey protein service. we recommend adding oatmeal.
    Step 5
    Feed yourself 40-60 min. After the exercise routine.
    Step 6
    Rest for at least 8 hours so muscles repair and grow.